How do Amazon Fire Phones – Stand Out From the Crowd?

The recently launched Amazon’s Fire Phone boasts many innovative features and latest technologies. Designed with advanced mobile CPU cores and comprising awesome features, the Fire Phone offers many states of the arts killing advantages. Moreover this Amazon Fire Phone comes at an unbelievable price and is a must buy item if you are a truly gadget enthusiasm.

Distinct Features of Fire Phone

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  • This is the only smartphone that comes with dynamic perspective. You can tilt, swivel, auto-scroll and even peek to navigate phone menus or access shortcuts easily with one hand. Fire Phone users can relish the exclusive apps and games and the mobile phone screen offered detailed views of accessories, clothing, shoes and lots more useful functionality. One of the great news for gamers is: users can now take on a game character’s viewpoint to see obstacles and corners in some of the newly designed games specifically for the new Amazon’s Phone.
  • Another significant advantage is that the new smartphone has 6 cameras. It has 4 cameras on the front and 2 cameras on the back. Furthermore, the fourth camera has a vital function to track the accurate position. The camera is helpful to enable the dynamic perspective of which it can allow the user to display efficiently the 3D view. Also, the smartphone user can activate the maps app by simply moving the screen in several directions to see objects present in the map. The new dynamic perspective feature is highly beneficial for replacing the function of touch and allow alone to turn page e-book merely by tilting it.
  • Firefly is another exclusive feature of this Amazon smartphone. This innovative Firefly feature can be utilized to scan and recognize barcodes, album covers, books or images over the internet. The feature makes it much a hassle free process to enable users to fetch the gigantic Database with just a simple scan. The user simply requires taking a snapshot of the advertisements or posters from the Fire Phone and the smartphone will automatically recognize the contact information and efficiently save the information in the address book. The features function is not just to abide by the images, but also audio detection, scanning music, documents, movies and even TV shows.
  • The Mayday Support is a unique Amazon’s service whose purpose is to facilitate users to offer 24 hours customer service support regarding any issues on the phone. Just by tapping the App icon on your smartphone screen, you will get a live video calling from Amazon’s Help Desk team.

The advanced camera system, innovative shopping Apps and unique Amazon’s entertainment & music Clouds content makes this Amazon Fire Phone to be one among the greatest smartphone today!

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