Unlocator - Access Amazon Prime almost anywhere in the world

What if you could watch your favorite streaming TV shows, movies, and play video games from almost anywhere in the world, at any time, and for only $4.95/mo USD. Can you imagine such accessibility?

To be honest, this is a bit of a stretch in my thinking: I have never been emotionally hardwired to my TV. Still, knowing the restrictions and limited viewing options available when one leaves home base for international travels, the idea of such accessibility has a certain appeal. Let’s explore the possibilities for easy-access viewing with Unlocator, Amazon Prime, and Amazon Fire TV.

Advantages of using Unlocator :

Only US$4.90 Per Month
To understand how this level of viewing freedom is possible, it helps to know what each service or device offers:
  • Your internet service imposes certain geographic access restrictions. The Unlocator is a service that “allows you to change region for selected services.”
    • Let us state, for narrative purposes, that you are a US resident who is currently living overseas for study or work. You may want to watch (via your computer) a major sporting event being covered by your favorite US broadcasting network.
    • Doing so through an overseas TV system is not possible. Neither is viewing it through the internet because of the restrictions imposed by your overseas internet service.
    • The Unlocator service “…will hide your real location from all the major streaming services…” and enable you to access your preferred news or coverage feed just as though you are sitting at your computer at your favorite US cybercafé.
  • Amazon Fire TV functions much like the cable box on your TV. It can be an addition to your TV viewing options, or replace your cable box and take you out of realm of cable TV super packages into streaming television. Amazon Fire TV offers nearly instantaneous streaming of your favorite TV shows, movies, Netflix, and access to games.
    • Pairing Amazon Fire TV with the Unlocator service means that your streaming TV has the same kind of international viewing capabilities described for internet services above. You may be at home in the US, but have your Unlocator service set to access streaming content in the UK.
  • Amazon Prime is a membership/subscription that offers services for free shipping, discounted e-book purchasing, AND an instant video streaming video component. Prime offers tens of thousands of streaming movies and TV shows, as well as à la carte rentals and content purchases.
    • The streaming services are routed through your computer where, pairing with Unlocator, you can view your programs from 1 of the 10 currently available international streaming feeds.

Unlocator currently supports 91 channels and is continually adding more. Unlocator is compatible with most major PCs/notebooks, smart phones, routers, media players, and game consoles.

Create your 7-day free trial subscription (remarkable for NOT requiring credit card information up front!) with Unlocator, follow the simple online setup guidelines, select the country of choice, and start streaming.

There is no download, no software to install, and the Unlocator system is transparent – it does not interfere with any functioning of your computer, TV, or any device with which it is used.

At the conclusion of your truly free trial period, Unlocator charges $4.95/month USD or $6.19 incl VAT for EU users. Other pricing packages are available.