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Nearly anything and everything seems to have a promo (promotional) code connected with it at some time. Promotion codes enable the buyer to purchase products at discounted rates. Promotion codes are the online version of the colorful paper coupons from the Sunday newspaper advertising supplements. Many companies offer voucher code discounts, including the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon.com.
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Promotion codes can be circulated via promotional emails to all customers who opt in through Amazon’s department-specific subscriptions. They can be found on specific Amazon.com web pages, and at coupon code websites, too.

Find and use Amazon Promo Codes

Today’s Deals

Start at the source – Amazon.com. Log into your account and click on “Today’s Deals”, located at the top of Amazon’s home page. You will be directed to a page that lists all promotions that Amazon is offering TODAY. Explore the Gold Box and Lightening Deals on the Today’s Deals page. Items available in these groups are extremely limited offers available to the Amazon shopper for a limited time (between 1 – 24 hours from the time of posting). If you select an item and click on the “Add to Cart” box, you will not need to enter a voucher code; Amazon will give you the discount credit as long as you purchase the item within the offer period.
Access Amazon coupons by clicking on the “Coupons” tab in “Today’s Deals”. These coupons apply to select products and offer a discount or BOGO (buy one – get one) deal. BOGO and coupon discounts are automatically applied at time of discount. Coupons offer savings on major brand name products in nearly every Amazon shopping department.

Department promos

Sign into your Amazon.com account and select “Your Account” from the drop menu. Scroll to the “Settings” session; continue scrolling to “E-mail from Amazon” and select “E-mail Subscriptions”. This option directs you to the E-mail subscription page where you can view all e-mail subscriptions. By subscribing to any of the department e-mail notifications, you opt in to receiving notification of updates on sales, available-to-you deals, and other discount opportunities; some of these notifications may periodically include discount coupons or coupon codes for your ordering use.

Coupon Code Websites

These websites are “Coupon Central” for coupons and discount codes for all kinds of products and merchant sites, including Amazon.com. Use your favorite web search to locate some of the most prominent and reliable coupon websites. Select one of the coupon sites and enter “Amazon” in the site’s search bar. Search for any Amazon coupons you want to use. Pay close attention to the expiration date. Many coupon websites also offer a success rate evaluation for each coupon. NOTE: experienced coupon website users know to search for coupons at the beginning of the month, when new discount codes are typically posted.  

Brands on Sales include Citizen, Crocs, Ecco, Esprit, Gucci, Guess, New Balance, Polo Ralph Lauren, Salomon, Seiko, Speedo, Timberland, Versace, U.S. Polo and many more.

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