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Amazon FREE Shipping Guide and Discussion.

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Amazon <span>FREE</span> Shipping Guide and Discussion.
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Take Advantage of Amazon’s Free Shipping with GlobalSaver Program
From the very frugal to the extremely wealthy, almost everyone likes to save money. AmazonGlobal has a program that offers buyers a way to save on shipping costs by spending some money. Sounds a little odd, doesn’t it? But if you are an Amazon shopper who buys lots of books, DVDs, music, games, and some electronics, your order(s) may qualify for free shipping to country like Singapore, Mexico, New Zealand and India. Here are some things you will want to know about the AmazonGlobal Free Shipping program before you start shopping:
  • FREE AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping eligibility:  To be eligible for FREE AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping, your order must total USD125 or more.
  • The FREE AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping offer:  Applies only to products sold by  Buyers must place orders through the website.
  • Product Eligibility:  Not all items are eligible for shipping (free or otherwise) to Singapore, Mexico, New Zealand and India.  Many health and electronics products cannot be shipped to the country above.
  • Product Warranties: Product warranty reciprocity is not standard in all nations.  If you are buying a warranted product, read the warranty information before you purchase the product.  Most warranties state which countries honor the product warranty.  Be advised that in purchasing a product with a warranty not accepted by your country, you make that purchase at your own risk.
  • Third Party Items:  Products that are sold by a third party might not qualify for free global shipping.  If in doubt, check with customer service.
  • Tracking: Tracking information is not always available for shipments, or it may not be available in real- or near-real time.
  • Additional charges:  Some additional charges might apply for heavy items.  Surcharges on heavy items are sometimes waived so it is always worth trying to order through FREE AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping.
  • GST Charges: (Singapore Only) Shipments totaling more than SGD400 will incur GST.  This can be avoided by breaking one large shipment into two orders of SGD200, each.
  • Import/Customs: As the recipient (importer of record) you must comply with all laws and regulations of your country.  This means you may be assessed import taxes, customs duties and fees levied by the destination country.  Amazon is not able to predict what those charges will be and advises you to contact your local customs office for information.
  • AmazonGlobal Program: Can handle the import deposit on your behalf for eligible countries (Singapore, New Zealand, India & Mexico are eligible countries).  The program can complete a duty and tax estimation during checkout, and customs clearance.  Refer to the AmazonGlobal website for more details about this service.
  • Shipping/delivery time: Shipping and delivery can take as little as two-to-four days; however, approximately two weeks seems to be the more normal delivery time frame.  AmazonGlobal’s website indicates that normal delivery time is between 9 – 14 business days, “after all of your items are available to ship, including pre-order items”.
  • Credit card charges and other payment fees:  Be aware that your credit card issuer may charge a percentage to process credit card payments (one major credit card issuer charges approximately 2.5% to process a payment; your account may also be assessed an additional commission fee.
  • NOTE:  foreign exchange rates fluctuate on a daily basis.
  • NOTE:  Amazon does not accept PayPal payments.
Amazon tries to provide all the information you will need when making an international purchase, including an indication on the product’s Amazon web page that lets you know whether that item is available for shipment to the countries such as India, Singapore, New Zealand and Mexico. So let’s search for some items that are eligible for international shipping:
Amazon Free Shipping with order greater than US$125

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  • Start at to search for your items.  Items that are eligible for international shipping will usually have a shipping statement on the product detail page.  Items requiring special handling cannot be shipped outside the U.S. and this information will be noted on the product detail page, too.
  • To narrow the search to international shipping-eligible items, use the drop menu beside the Search bar to select International Shipping.
  • Under Featured Categories in the left sidebar, select the product category of choice to locate items that qualify for international shipping
  • Select your item(s) and proceed to checkout.
  • Your items must be shipped to a single address in your destination country; For this you can select “Group my items into as few shipments as possible” option.
  • Select AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping.
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Most books, DVDs and music can be shipped to almost all destinations outside the U.S.

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